The Last Days of Madalyn Murray O’Hair, in Exile

THE LAST DAYS OF MADALYN MURRAY O’HAIR, IN EXILE imagines a different fate for the notorious atheist activist who disappeared several years ago under a shroud of mystery and speculation. In this version, the foul-mouthed and unrepentant Madalyn has embezzled millions from her organization, American Atheists, and  is holed up on a South Seas island with her son and  granddaughter. As she waits for the money to come through, she is visited by ghosts from her past and fêted by the island natives. Old scores are settled and romance blooms as Madalyn heads towards her own surprising apotheosis. MADALYN is a darkly comic fantasy exploring the treacherous terrain of belief and disbelief.

Published by Oberon Books. Also available at The Drama Book Shop and Amazon. Read an excerpt.

“Wholly satisfying. A comic mountain of a play.”
Leonard Jacobs, Backstage
“Dazzling. Liberating. An enormously funny, profane,and irreverent work of theatre.”
Martin Denton,
“Provocative. Effectively challenges our most passionate beliefs.”
Raven Snook, Citysearch
“Hilariously over-the-top.”
Jesse Sloan,
“The most crude, offensive, outrageously irresistible play of the season. Hilarious.”
Marissa Harris, Washington Square News