Other Writing


I’ve written two novels, one a very old project and one only recently completed.

THE TRAVELER’S COMPANION, now available as an e-book, tells the story of Mark Dearborn who, just out of college and not quite out of the closet, takes off across Europe in the dollar-high summer of 1985, with his much more freewheeling friend Lint. They travel to London, Amsterdam, and Paris, before getting stuck in Venice, where Mark finds himself torn between a sexy older American and a young Italian. But his most complicated entanglement is with Ricka, an erratic American girl who falls spectacularly apart on a trip to Rome. This excerpt introduces the young Italian.

In the first chapter of THE HOUNDS OF HEAVEN, the narrator, who has recently moved to L.A. with his boyfriend, spots a man reading a Bible in a cafe and follows him to a bathhouse. This chance encounter spreads into John’s life, enmeshing him with the man himself (a Pentecostal preacher), a young Sufi postulant, a dying co-worker, and his own nephew, a born-again Christian recently returned from Iraq. This excerpt is from the opening.


A long time a go, I wrote a lot of short stories, but now I almost never do. Here’s an old one that was published in a now-defunct gay weekly, The New York Native. It’s about a custody battle over a cat. Here’s one that I wrote in a Master Class in Short Fiction I took with E.L. Doctorow at NYU’s Florence campus.