Reviews are out for NANCE O’NEIL!

Rachel Brown and Jonna McElrath. Photo: Beau Alulli

Come see Blue Coyote’s “riveting,” “fascinating,” “emotionally charged” production of NANCE O’NEIL!  Now through October 9th at the Access Theatre. 

“riveting… Gary Shrader’s production for Blue Coyote Theater Group feels near perfect… New York’s indie theater at its best: original, provocative, intimate, and entirely engaging…. unquestionably one of the highlights of the new season”  Martin Denton, 

“as emotionally charged and occasionally as frightening as an Alfred Hitchock thriller” Paulanne Simmons, CurtainUp 

“a fascinating psychological drama” Sandy MacDonald, TheaterMania 

Blue Coyote Theater Group proudly invites you to the world premiere of NANCE O’NEIL. Culled from firsthand recollections, historical footnotes, and a century of whispered rumors, David Foley’s NANCE O’NEIL explores the friendship between the celebrated actress and Lizzie Borden, the acquitted multiple-murder suspect and one of the most fascinating characters in American history. NANCE O’NEIL is a gripping meditation on the mysterious bond between the famous and the infamous. 

Tickets are $25 


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