Cressida Among the Greeks

Set during the last days of the Trojan War, CRESSIDA AMONG THE GREEKS retells Shakespeare and Chaucer’s tragic love story, Troilus and Cressida. Troilus falls in love with Cressida, a young widow, and begs her uncle Pandarus to plead his cause. She resists at first, then falls in love, only to be exiled from Troy to join her traitorous father in the Greek camp. As counterpoint to their doomed romance, the Trojan royal family plays out a drama that is part domestic comedy and part political tragedy. Autocratic Hecuba, doddering Priam, and their unruly daughter Cassandra—screaming prophecies at deaf ears—watch helplessly as their city goes down in flames.

Published by Oberon Books. Also available at The Drama Book Shop and Amazon. Read an excerpt.

“Brilliant. Smart, moving, and sexy. Playwright David Foley is a rich new find.”
Donald Lyons, The New York Post

“One of the best new plays I’ve come across this season. Evocative and potent. Must-see theatre.”
Martin Denton,
Above: Warren Watson and Cristine McMurdo-Wallis. Top Right: Danielle Skraastad and Bryant Richards. Right: Danielle Skraastad and Jeremy Brisiel. All from the Wash & Fold Theatre Project production at the Ohio Theater. Photos: Samuel Buggeln.