Sad Hotel

A fictionalized account of Tennessee Williams’ relationship with his lover, Frank Merlo, SAD HOTEL takes place in the early years of Williams’ long and painful decline and begins as his relationship with Frank is crumbling under the pressures of fame, failure, madness, and addiction. The introduction of Pedro, a young Cuban, serves as the catalyst for a bitter, recriminatory break-up. Only Frank’s subsequent illness and approaching death offer a chance for a painful rapprochement and, for both men, a fragile peace.

Published by Oberon Books. Also available at The Drama Book Shop and Amazon. Read an excerpt.

“Entertains and delights with the pure, almost sensual beauty of its writing.”
Rosalind Jacobs, WMNR Fine Arts Radio
“Soaring poetry. A fine new play.”
Irene Backalenick, Westport News